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The new colony is under attack by an unknown source, destroying out-buildings and equipment. The colonists have tried to fight back, but have only had limited success, and have decided to leave. But can they escape in time, or will they all perish before help arrives.

This first novel is free in e-book form.
Triggered by environmental disasters, the Second American Civil war is coming to a close, and the North is losing. Hoping to defeat the South by surprise attacks in the near future, twenty groups of fifty soldiers are hidden in stasis, to be awakened in five years, but when Commander Jason Armstrong wakes, three hundred years have passed. The world and everything he knew is gone, lost to catastrophic earth changes. Civilization has reverted to an agrarian state, but his skills, and those of the other eleven survivors, are still needed. The totalitarian empire of Kenor The Great is expanding, enslaving all those it conquers.

The original protectors of the soldiers have watched over them for centuries, and in that time developed a culture of peace, and reverence for life and nature in their remote village. Highly evolved, they easily communicate with the spiritual plane and perform feats of apparent magic. They need the soldiers to protect them, but justifiably fear the corruption of their values by the soldiers' culture.

This is book one of a four part series.

The reconnaissance trip went horribly wrong. Lara, Louise, and Ka'tel have been captured, and now the Empire knows of them. But does the Empire know what their skills are or where the village is? They think their secrets are safe, but as they plan their escape, what they don't know is that Empire troops are moving towards the village.

The defence wall is done, but Jason is still worried. The Empire's capabilities are unknown to him. Are they more advanced than his group's, or are they just as primitive as this village? Will the wall be enough to keep the Empire out? Do the villagers and the soldiers have enough resources to defend themselves?

For the moment, conflicts between the villagers and the soldiers are dormant, but still festering. Jason and Ka'tel have been working at overcoming the brewing mutual distrust, but have they succeeded? Will the villagers stay and fight, or will they abandon the soldiers to the Empire?

While Jason worries, his second in command, Raphael, has unexpectedly disappeared on a spiritual quest. A quest that will reveal his innermost secrets. Even those he has kept from himself; secrets that tore his life apart many years ago. Will he return in time to help, or not at all?

The battle is over. The wall held. The Empire has been repulsed - for now. But the Empire soldiers remain, and there will be more battles. Battles that, Jason knows, he will eventually loose. He needs to discover a way of defeating them - not just for now, but permanently. And there are problems at home. A group of villagers has left, not wanting to be "contaminated" by the soldiers. And three of the his own soldiers have deserted, fearful the villagers want to kill them.

In the meantime, Colonel Mahon has offered to help Jason and the villagers. An offer, Jason suspects, that has strings attached; strings the Colonel is reluctant to discuss. Does he trust the Colonel, and possibly fall into a trap, or does he reject the help and lose a potential ally? In an attempt to discover the Colonel's true intentions, Jason joins him in a meeting of resistance leaders. Even if it's not a trap, can the two groups work together? And what help can they provide each other?

Desperate for more information, Jason and Lara head to the Empire's capital, hoping to find what they need there. On the way, they discover the Empire is gathering old technology. Technology from Jason's time. Technology that could destroy the village and all who might oppose the Emperor.

The final volume in the Inner Voices Series.

The trip to the Capital raised more questions than it answered, but Lara and Jason found a valuable clue about the Emperor and head north to uncover his origins. However, they don't know they've been discovered by Emperor Kenor, and that a bounty hunter is on their trail.

The village has fended off another attack, but Louise knows there will be more. The Empire Captain seems determined to get in, no matter what the cost, and Louise struggles with the realization that she may be forced to kill all the Empire soldiers if they attack again.

Near Minneapolis, Jason and Lara come upon a person from Jason's time, one who has been alive since then, and who helps them discover Kenor's secret. Kenor has taken weapons from an old air base and plans to use them against the village.

Colonel Mahon discovers that the rebels are preparing for a general uprising, but believes this is not the right time. Does he align with them, or maintain his position within the Empire?

The final struggle looms over them as Jason and Lara race to stop the Emperor from deploying his final solution for the village. Will they make it in time or will they see everything they've fought for be annihilated?